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Fresh film trailers available for you to watch on the internet today… With Priest, Clint going sci-fi in Hereafter and The Wicker Tree teaser

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Priest Sucker Punch Let Me In


10 more must-see SF, fantasy and horror trailers…

1. Tron Legacy – A 21st Century take on a hi-tech future. Time for the world of Tron to come alive in this long-awaited sequel

2. The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader – the third instalment of the much-loved fantasy series takes to the high seas.

3. Hereafter – Clint Eastwood goes SF as he re-teams with Matt Damon for the supernatural tale of a man who speaks to the dead.

4. Super 8 – It’s not even 90 seconds long but we’re unreasonably excited about this top secret JJ Abrams/Steven Spielberg collaboration. Geek heaven.

5. The Wicker Tree – Forget the dreadful Nick Cage remake (the bees!), this is the real deal as original Wicker Man director Robin Hardy returns to Summer Isle in this tantalising teaser.

6. Vanishing On 7th Street – It’s got Hayden Christensen in it but don’t let that put you off because The Machinist director Brad Anderson has been getting big buzz for his latest low budget horror.

7. My Soul To Take – Wes Craven’s working hard on Scream 4, but he’s already got this low budget supernatural teen slasher in the can.

8. Never Let Me Go – Mark Romanek’s directs Keira Knightley, “Blink”’s Carey Mulligan and future Spidey Andrew Garfield in the sci-fi drama.

9. Megamind – Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt voice this story of a supervillain who has nothing to do after defeating his superhero nemesis.

10. The Adjustment Bureau – A Philip K Dick adaptation starring Matt Damon and directed by Bourne scribe George Nolfi? Count us in.

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The Smurfs

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