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SFX EXCLUSIVE! Three of the show’s creators reveal secrets from the spectacular live show

The monsters are coming, as the blurb for Doctor Who Live promises us. But what exactly will this arena tour offer the audience? Is it a play? A concert? A stunt show? An episode of the TV done live? None of these and all of these, reckon the crew behind it, all of whom are bubbling over with enthusiasm, and desperate to get the final show in front of an audience. “It’s like nothing you’ve seen before,” promises director Will Brenton, “and despite those rumours going around about, the Cybermen are not doing the cancan.”

We have three exclusive and very revealing interviews for you to devour. Click on an image to take you to the accompanying article or just click on through all the pages at your leisure…

Will Brenton – director of Doctor Who Live

“We were originally hoping to have five or six minutes with Matt. We’ve ended up with a lot more than that.”

Brenton is massively experienced at co-ordinating major arena tours and even got to play with the world’s biggest train set for a Thomas The Tank Engine live experience. He also co-created The Tweenies, and has been a director on Coronation Street and Emmerdale Farm among other things.

Ben Foster – Arranger and Musical Director

“I’m taking the Dalek fight sequence from the last series and instead of it being John Williams, which was the way I arranged it for the show, it’s more like John Williams versus Brian May.

Best known for his work as the music arranger for Doctor Who (Murray Gold writes the stuff, but Foster orchestrates it) and composer on Torchwood, Foster claims his favourite TV credit of all is his current arrangement of BBC’s Question Time. He’s also worked on many films, including Nine, Alice In Wonderland and Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. He also arranged the music for the recent Doctor Who Prom concerts. Earlier in his career, he worked as a pop string arranger, having top ten hits with artists such as Boyzone, Gary Barlow, East 17 and S Club 7.

Gary and Paul Hardy-Brown – Illusionists

“Not many live shows spend this amount of money on effects. It’s a great concept. If it was a cake we’d all be eating it.”

Known professionally as The Twins, they are creating the illusions and special effects for the show. They have done some incredible things, including making elephants appear as if from nowhere under a big top and making a luxury yacht disappear. They’ve performed for the troops, as well as on TV in America, and in theatres worldwide. Winners of The World Magic Award for International Stage Musicians Of The Year, they have worked as creative consultants for Alton Towers, The Coca-Cola Company and Universal Pictures.

Doctor Who Live is on tour across the UK from Friday 8 October.

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