The Picture We Never Thought We’d See

An early Spurious Award this week, featuring Tim Burton and a prop in unexpected convergence

Admit it – you never thought you’d see this: director Tim Burton exiting the TARDIS. Quite fitting, really, since there has been a Burton-esque feel to certain parts of the latest season of Doctor Who. But, no, Burton hasn’t signed up to direct an episode, sadly. This was just all part of the fun at the BAFTA awards last night, when the BBC inexplicably decided to have a bunch of celebs emerging from the time machine. There was a certain delight to be had seeing the Being Human bunch emerge from the Police Box, while Barbara Windsor wins the award for best overacting, and Peter Davison for most in-character scowl…

Oh, and a hearty congratulations to Misfits for winning Best Drama Series! Well deserved.