Top 50 Vampires

SFX has a Vampire Special out at the moment. And to celebrate here’s a reminder of the Top 50 Vampires as voted for by you in the previous vampire special…

SFX’s second Vampire Special is now on the newsstands, and the popularity of the fanged fiends hasn’t ebbed one  it in the intervening months. If anything, they’re probably becoming even more popular. Anyway, as a way of getting you in the mood to go out and buy the new special (yeah, this is not-so-subliminal advertising) here, for the first time on-line, is the Vampire Top 50, as voted for by SFX readers, that we published in the first special. Despite the usual evidence of fan-power in action in some of the positions, there’s actually an impressive variety of vampires in the voting, from all periods of literary, film and TV history. Enjoy your browsing!



50 Dracula

Played by: Gerard Butler
Undead in: Dracula 2000 (2000)

The movie was drivel; produced by Wes Craven, it’s either an attempt to be a Scream-style, post-modern re-invention of Dracula, or simply so bad it’s funny. But Gerard Butler’s cocksure, exquisitely-coiffured, oft-half-naked Dracula set many hearts a-fluttering. He even manages to make sniffing somehow deeply sensual and sexy.

49 Deacon Frost

Played by: Stephen Dorff
Undead in: Blade (1998)

Deacon Frost was like a vampirised hopeful from The Apprentice. You just know if he wasn’t planning on becoming a vampire god, he’d have been conducting dodgy deals from his yatch via his BlackBerry. Not beloved of the vampire elite (well, he did kill off all the bigwigs in the House of Erebus), Frost was seen as an irritating wild card.

48 Marcus Van Sciver

Played by: Neil Jackson
Undead in: Blade: The Series (2006)

Another stockbroker vampire from another chapter of the Blade saga, Van Sciver was by far the most interesting character in the small screen adventures of the Daywalker. Petulant, sadistic, slightly pervy and always immaculately dressed, British-born Van Sciver was determind the House of Chthon would reclaim former glories.

47 Jerry Dandridge

Played by: Chris Sarandon
Undead in: Fright Night (1985)

Dandridge is a 1,000- year-old vampire who wants to settle down in a small US town and suck it dry. Unfortunately, he moves in next door to a pesky kid who just won’t stop trying to kill him. Sarandon is superb as the suburban bloodsucker; ordinary enough to slip under the radar, but charismatic, sexy and devious enough to get what he needs.

46 Kurt Barlow

Played by: Reggie Nalder
Undead in: Salem’s Lot (1979)

Television’s second scariest antiques dealer (after David Dickinson), Kurt Barlow moved his spooky shop to the small town Salem’s Lot with business partner Richard Straker. Their real business, though, was turning everybody into vampires. Barlow, clearly of Nosferatu descent, had such impressive fangs he could barely speak or shut his mouth, though he appeared to be telepathic and even telekinetic.