Greatest Flashbacks

13 Futurama

“Jurassic Bark”

Type of flashback: Fry and his dog Seymour remembering
Flashback to: c2000, Fry discovers a stray dog called Seymour

Ask any Futurama fan to list their favourite episode and we can guarantee “Jurassic Bark” will be soaring near the top, but we challenge you to find anyone who dares to watch the tragic tale of one man and his dog more than once. It doesn’t do anything particularly innovative or clever with the flashback structure but the payoff for it all is so heartbreaking we can forgive this. It’s the ending that truly destroys, leaving all but the soulless a blubbering mess of salty tears and nose drippings. The sight of loyal Seymour, stood steadfast outside Panucci’s Pizza, evokes the kind of gut reaction only a death in the family even comes close to. Also scores bonus points for retroactively correcting a continuity error by inserting Nibbler into the 1999 cryo chamber scene.