Greatest Flashbacks

7 Angel


Type of flashback: A series of set-pieces instigated by the fact that the newly-resurrected (and now human) Darla can “remember everything”
Flashback to: Darla through the ages, from the time she was sired in 1609

“Darla” was aired immediately after Buffy’s “Fool For Love” and is pretty much a sequel; it even features scenes from the Buffy episode (the Boxer revolution, Dru siring Spike) though seen from Darla’s point of view this time. It’s cleverly plotted, and the dovetailing is seamless, but it’s also, you assume, a brilliant example of cost-sharing.

It’s another epic, detailing the 150-year courtship of Angelus and Darla as they cut a bloody swathe through the world. Darla, originally turned by The Master and his doting acolyte, is tempted away by the dashing Angel, when he asks her if she’d rather spend eternity in a sewer looking at the Master’s ugly mug, or with him. But the romance is over when gypsies curse Angel with a soul, and Darla is disgusted that he can’t bring himself to feed on a baby.

And here’s one for fact fans: this is the only episode in the history of Buffy and Angel in which Angel, Darla, Drusilla, Spike, and The Master all appear in one episode, although we never see them all together in one scene.