Misfits – Power Changes For Season Two

Characters experience different powers in second series of cult E4 show

Misfits was one of SFX’s favourite new shows of 2009, so we were rather pleased when it got picked up for a second series – so pleased, in fact, that we invited cast and crew to last month’s SFX Weekender for a live, on-stage panel. And, because it would have been totally remiss of us not to, we took the opportunity to ask the community service meets superpowers show’s creator and writer Howard Overman about what he’s got planned next time out.

“No time can be allowed to pass, or otherwise these guys would have finished their community service,” he says, explaining that the series will pick up right after where the last one left off. “Obviously the fact that [probation worker] Sally’s stuffed in a freezer is going to have some implications, but we draw a line under that fairly quickly and move on to the new serial arc, as well as new individual stories for each of the characters.”

Those arcs will apparently see the quintet of orange-suited teens getting to try out new ways of being super. “They’re all going to find out what it feels like to have different powers at some point,” he teased – we can’t wait to find out how it’s all going to pan out.

Read more about the second series of Misfits in SFX 194, on sale Wednesday 10 March.