SFX 252 PREVIEW How SHIELD Is Rebuilding Itself

at 05:31pm August 19 2014

SHIELD is back and things are never gonna be the same again

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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman

SFX 252 PREVIEW Peter Capaldi on the challenge of Doctor Who

at 05:00pm August 19 2014

A few tasty excerpts from our interview with new Doctor Peter Capaldi

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Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 02:30pm August 19 2014

Original Star Wars movies to get a remaster (possibly), The Devil’s Advocate could be heading for TV and Ant-Man starts filming

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FIEFDOM INTERVIEW Dan Abnett And Nik Vincent

at 11:34am August 19 2014

2000 AD’s Kingdom stories get a novel spin-off

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STRANGE HILL HIGH Showrunner Interview

at 10:57am August 19 2014

Simpsons vet Josh Weinstein tells SFX about running the spookily excellent CBBC show – and an unexpected interest in Luton

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Doctor Who Series 8 Accumulator

at 10:15am August 19 2014

Our regularly updated page featuring all the definite news about Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor. Update: all episode titles!

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Monday Link-A-Mania

at 09:00pm August 18 2014

Gravity and Game Of Thrones win at the Hugos, a returning Avengers star and yet more Westworld casting

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“Writing Is A Skill And It Requires Use To Improve”

at 06:35pm August 18 2014

Writing advice for first time novelists, from the winner of the most recent Terry Pratchett publishing prize

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THE QUIET ONES Interview with parapsychologist Stephen Mera

at 03:39pm August 18 2014

To celebrate the release of The Quiet Ones on Blu-ray and DVD, we spoke to parapsychologist Stephen Mera about his experiences with the paranormal…

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Doctor Who Series 8 Titles Confirmed

at 01:42pm August 18 2014

Robot Heist On The Dark Moon Of The Mummy!

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Your Chance To Ask Neil Gaiman A Question

at 01:04pm August 18 2014

Hit us with your best Qs!

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Get 30% Off Everything At My Favourite Magazines!

at 02:29pm August 15 2014

Save £££s in our Summer Sale, including money off digital subscriptions for your iPad and iPhone

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DIVERGENT Theo James Interview

at 01:57pm August 15 2014

An interview view with the Inbetweeners Movie star who’s gone Hollywood as leading man Four

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier REVIEW

at 12:00pm August 15 2014

DVD REVIEW The Captain’s Cold War

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dr bloods coffin_small

Doctor Blood’s Coffin REVIEW

at 12:00pm August 15 2014

DVD REVIEW His heart’s in the wrong place

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