The Complete SFX Guide To Ghostbusters: ON SALE NOW!

at 02:36pm September 23 2014

Who ya gonna call? We think it’s pretty obvious…

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Coming Up In The SFX Book Club

at 08:30am March 24 2014

We discuss the SF classics every month in the magazine and here’s what’s coming up

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! A New Direction For SFX And Total Film Online

at 02:16pm September 30 2014

SFX.co.uk, TotalFilm.com and GamesRadar.com are teaming up for a super entertainment site

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Dracula Untold poster-small

Luke Evans Talks Dracula Untold

at 01:59pm September 30 2014

The Hobbit star on becoming the baddest vamp of all

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Firestorm poster by Eric Chusmall

New Gerry Anderson Show Launches On Kickstarter

at 11:09am September 30 2014

Firestorm Is Go… ish.

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HOT TOPIC Where Are The Female Superheroes On The Big Screen?

at 10:46am September 30 2014

Why haven’t Wonder Woman and Black Widow had their own movies yet?

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Doctor Who "The Caretaker"

Doctor Who 8.06 “The Caretaker” REVIEW

at 09:14pm September 27 2014

TV REVIEW Snubbing the squaddie

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New Jupiter Ascending Trailer

at 06:01pm September 25 2014

What the makers of The Matrix do when they muck around in outer space. UPDATED! Now with added poster.

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Picture shows: Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

Doctor Who 8.05 “Time Heist” REVIEW

at 08:20pm September 20 2014

TV REVIEW: The bank job

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Children’s Film Foundation: Outer Space REVIEW

at 12:30pm September 19 2014


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From Dusk Till Dawn Season One REVIEW

at 12:30pm September 19 2014

DVD REVIEW Titty Twister ten-parter

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The Questor Tapes REVIEW

at 12:30pm September 19 2014

DVD REVIEW Data came later

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The Shout REVIEW

at 12:30pm September 19 2014


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SFX Issue 253 On Sale Now

at 09:00am September 17 2014

The latest issue is here! Hands off, zombie hordes!

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Ghostbusters thumb

Ghostbusters COMPETITION

at 12:50pm September 16 2014

Win! Ghostbusters Blu-rays, Lego and a poster up for grabs

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Longitude Punk'd small

Longitude Punk’d COMPETITION

at 10:25am September 16 2014

Win a pair of tickets to a new steampunk exhibition

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